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Welcome to my News, Events, and Jobs page. Here’s where I post job listings in the Portland/Vancouver area that I think could be interesting or exciting, and local events that could be good opportunities for networking or expanding your perspective. I also occasionally post articles that are relevant to mental health and career counseling.

Habitat for Humanity is hiring for a Director of Development, Construction Crew Lead, and Volunteer Program Assistant. Check them out now if you're interested in helping build safe, stable, and affordable housing in Portland.

Hey fellow Portland-area mental health professionals, Reed College is hiring NOW for a bunch of mental health positions, from clinician to director-level. Check them out here -

Looking for a job in tech in Portland? Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 11am, check out the @techoregon Tech JobSeeker's meeting.

I recorded a podcast on nature, suicide, and empathy with @leoflowers4Real, a comedian who also does a suicide prevention podcast called "Before You Kill Yourself."Listen here -
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If you or anyone you know is out of work and feeling stuck searching, come to the Lake Grove Job Seekers group this Monday, January 14th from 8:30-10:30am as career counselors and coaches Aubrie, Aaron, Dave, and Gail run a workshop on getting unstuck!

Since its first publication in 1967 there have only been 3 people of color on the cover of Psychology Today. @PsychToday, you can do better.

Wednesday, Nov 7 @ 5:30pm, @techoregon is hosting a workshop on "Developing Tomorrow's Managers" at @vacasarentals. Check it out if you're a tech leader or a new or developing manager. #pdxevents

According to @LaddersHQ, new data shows the average person is more productive in the fall. Now's the time to kick your #jobsearch into gear or start that project you've been avoiding. #careermotivation

Getting my professional development on! Learning about breaking down barriers to employment. Also, using metaphor in career counseling! Fun stuff.

Job interviews may seem endlessly nerve wracking, but they don’t have to be! Prepare in advance and you’ll walk in confident and at ease. Get more #interview tips on this week’s episode of “Find Your Dream Job” with @DrCKBray.

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