COVID-19 / Coronavirus update: I am open for business and seeing clients via remote telehealth video and phone.

Aaron Good is a Mental Health and Career Counselor in Portland OR

Aaron Good, MS, CRC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor seeing clients in Portland, OR, meeting via video and phone.

Individual Therapy

Do you want to understand more about yourself, about your identity, about the way the patterns you’ve learned in the past might no longer be serving you? Do you deal with the challenges of depression, anxiety, guilt, past trauma, and grief or loss? Come on in and we can explore all of it in a supportive environment. [click for more…]

Career Counseling

Looking for help finding a new career? Or have you attained what you thought success meant and still you feel unfulfilled? Trying to apply to new jobs but feeling like your skills are out-of-date? Or perhaps you want to stay at your current job but want to get better at maximizing your strengths? A professional career counselor might help – let’s collaborate on figuring out what might work for you. [click for more…]

Couples Counseling

Are you looking to deepen intimacy in your relationship, overcome conflict, or simply communicate better? We can work as a team to find what’s working in your relationship and build on that while overcoming the barriers to satisfaction. [click for more…]

Nonviolent Communication Training Groups (NVC)

I also offer therapist-led group training where you can learn about and practice what we call “Compassionate Communication,” which is an approach rooted in empathy and emotional self-awareness that can be helpful in effectively expressing your needs in every facet of your life. [click for more…]

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I welcome diversity, including all body shapes, genders, sexualities, political values, spiritual orientations, abilities, skin colors, and ethnicities.