About Me

Aaron Good Mental Health and Career Counselor in Portland OR

Philosophy and Approach

I take a humanistic approach to counseling, believing that we are all whole and sometimes just need a little help finding meaning and growth in the background noise of our fears and anxieties. I believe our relationship with nature can be as important as our relationship with people, and that all of these relationships can be understood in terms of systems of interaction.


I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Portland State University. Major coursework included: human growth and development, counseling theory, career counseling, ethics, addiction, disability, and understanding human relationships.

I have taken workshops on group facilitation, overcoming oppression, and confronting racism. I am also a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, a specialization that focuses on vocational rehabilitation, disability, and adjustment. During my time working at a veterans and suicide crisis line, I received additional training in supporting veterans and working with military sexual trauma.

In addition to my coursework for my degree, I have taken classes at Lewis and Clark College on ecopsychology and ecotherapy. We studied the healing effects of nature on the human psyche, how to explore clients’ relationships with nature, and how to use the natural world itself in psychotherapy with clients.

My Background

Before I counseled myself into a career as a psychotherapist, I had a long career in Information Technology, first helping creative professionals solve problems and then managing large-scale enterprise systems. I still engage in technology-related work for Person-Centered Tech, a company that provides digital ethics training for other mental health professionals.

I started my transition to counseling by volunteering at a suicide and veterans crisis line – an experience that allowed me to channel my love for the world and humankind into helping others. Now that energy goes into my work as a counselor and my volunteer work with such organizations as William Temple House, Habitat for Humanity – Portland Metro, the Oregon Food Bank, and local riparian restoration teams.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my partner, two cats, and two chickens. In my spare time I manage a tree farm and ride my bike. My undergraduate work at Reed College was in cultural anthropology.

As a Registered Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, I am supervised by Jennifer Moore, LPC.

I welcome diversity, including all body shapes, genders, sexualities, political values, spiritual orientations, abilities, skin colors, and ethnicities.

Professional Disclosure Statement 

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