Career Counseling

Aaron Good is a Mental Health and Career Counselor in Portland OR

Career counseling or coaching with Aaron Good at Trailhead Counseling, LLC, can help you plot your career at any stage in your life, whether you’re fresh out of school, unemployed, unhappy where you are, or planning your retirement. If you’re ready to plan your future with a career counselor, give me a call!

My office near downtown Portland, OR is conveniently located, and I am currently taking new clients. Read more below and also check out some of my blog posts about career counseling here.

Career is Personal!

Often, career counseling is about more than just finding your next job; for many it’s an intensely personal process that ties together identity, purpose, and anxieties and fears about existence. Sometimes we just need a job for survival, and sometimes we want a job that provides some self-fulfillment.

Mid-Career Counseling

Are you unhappy with your job, unsure about your career choices, or just looking for a change? We can collaborate to find what isn’t working about your current situation and explore steps towards a more rewarding career. Even if it seems like you have no options and you fear that you’ll have to stay in your career path forever, there’s always hope and it’s never too late to change.

College Students

So you finished your degree in biology/English/communications/Greek and you’re not quite sure what the next step is. Sure, some folks to go to graduate school, but is that really for you? How do you figure out your next move? Come see me and we can figure out whether your interests and values still align with your academic track and potential work opportunities.

Re-Launch / Unemployment

Have you found yourself out of work suddenly? Are your job-finding skills rusty? We can work together to mine your existing resources and connections and help you find meaningful work in your old career or find something new!

Retirement Age

People are living longer, and with a higher quality of life. This means more of us are reaching the age we thought we might retire without much of a plan for what to do next. Or, we quit working and quickly realize we need something to fill our time and give us a sense of purpose. If you’re an older worker, come on in and let’s collaborate to find work – paid or unpaid – perhaps in a field you’d never considered or always dreamed about!

Specific Skills

If you have specific areas you need help with, like crafting an ideal résumé and cover letter, practicing your interviewing skills, using LinkedIn, searching for jobs using the latest tools, developing your networking skills, or finding connections within a specific industry, I can help with those!

You can read more about career counseling in my blog posts.