Couples Counseling

Looking for help with your relationships or marriage? I work with couples of all kinds in overcoming communication issues, infidelity, or just building deeper relationships.

Close up on peoples' hands, with the words "Strengthen Your Connection" Superimposed over them.

I use an emotion-focused, systems, and nonviolent communication (NVC) approach to helping individuals and couples improve their relationships. We’ll work on building compassion for ourselves and our partners, and practice reflecting what our partners might be feeling.

I welcome LGBTQIA couples, polyamorous folks, people dealing with multicultural/intercultural issues – anyone who wants to improve their relationships!

If you’re interested in couples counseling¬†and individual therapy, I’ve partnered with another therapist in my building. Together we can offer you separate individual counseling for you and your partner and joint co-counseling together.

Relationship counseling has many names, so whether it’s premarital counseling, marriage counseling, or relationship therapy, please get in touch with Aaron!