Why do we call it Compassionate Communication?

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Why do we call it Compassionate Communication?

Is Nonviolent Communication the same as Compassionate Communication?


So why do we call it something different? It’s simple; people seem confused about what we were offering when we call it “Nonviolent Communication,” or NVC for short. Some folks assume it’s an anger management class. Some assume it’s specifically for handling conflict resolution or mediation. Others respond that it was something best suited to managing workplace physical violence. While those are all appropriateĀ applications of Nonviolent Communication, we wanted to focus on how NVC can help everyone. We also felt that the word “nonviolent” conjured up images we didn’t want associated with our group and the work we do. That’s why we settled on “Compassionate Communication,” a term often used to refer to NVC, when discussing our training groups.

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